Finally, the ARSE Test!

Bob Sutton’s ‘Work Matters’ Blog has this interesting test for the people in your workplace – The ARSE Test.  Who will turn out to be the obnoxious jerks?  As opposed to the people who take the time to try and make sure things actually work (and are usually labelled ‘Slow’ [we need more slow!]).

The site is also worth checking out for more information about interesting workplace issues, especially Knowledge Management issues, and Human Resources.  He also has a Twitter Feed.

An article by Bob Sutton and Jeffrey Pfeffer in the Stanford Social Innovation Review outlines some of Bob Sutton’s views that:

The time has come for an evidence-based management movement. Like evidence-based medicine, evidence-based management can help managers figure out what works and what doesn’t, identify the dangerous half-truths that constitute so much of what passes for wisdom, and reject the total nonsense that too often passes for sound advice.  

Act on facts not faith /  Bob Sutton & Jeffrey Pfeffer, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Spring 2006, viewed 22.05.2011

Other links of interest:

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