Steampunk Custom Search Engine and some links

Steam Locomotive (detail) / by Richard Taylor (CCAttribution2.0License) 34094515@N00/5944843770

An interesting article about the steampunk scene in Melbourne appeared a few weeks ago in The Sydney Morning Herald – ‘Time travellers‘, by Liza Power (17.06.2011).   The article looks at the Circus Oz show based around steampunk themes called ‘Steam Powered‘ (the Circus Oz Facebook page has more).  This made me think about looking around for some info on Steampunk and putting together a list of interesting links.


One article I found about steampunk in Australia worth a read is ‘Steampunk‘ by Katherine Wilson and appeared in vol69 of Meanjin in 2010, and another by Katherine can be found at The Age, ‘A new steam of conciousness’ (21.05.2010).  John Klima has two articles on Steampunk novels to read at Library Journal – ‘Steampunk : 20 core titles’ (30.03.2010), and a follow-up,  ‘Steampunk : 13 titles to update your collections’ (16.06.2011).  Library Journal regularly covers new fiction, including Steampunk.



I put allot of the links I found together into a CSE at Google, ( and I hope it helps people find more information about Steampunk.



Deborah Biancotti – ; ‘The Tailor of Time’ : Part 1/Part2 ; Trove  ; Wikipedia

Richard Harland ; Trove ; Wikipedia

Sean McMullen ; Trove ; Wikipedia

Michael Pryor – ; Trove ; Wikipedia ; Aurealis

James Roy – ; Trove

Angela Slatter ; Books of present and future : Angela Slatter’s Soughdough and steampunk reloaded / Jeff VanderMeer ; Trove ; Wikipedia

Scott Westerfeld (Texas born, living in Australia) – ; Trove  ; Wikipedia ;

SOME RELATED AUTHORS: David Cornish ; Cameron Rogers ; Lucy Sussex ; Shaun Tan



For some Australian specific information on steampunk see Trove, the Aus-Steampunk.Livejournal, The (includes links to other Australian groups), EuchroniaAusteampunk.Blogspot, Tim Wetherell, SteamPunk (ABC Radio National’s The Book Show, 2008), Steampunk-Australia/Facebook, Steampunk-SA/Facebook, The mysterious geographic explorations of Jasper Morello (a film directed by Anthony Lucas) (, Australian Costumers’ Guild/Forums, and



For some conversations and links on steampunk see the LibraryThing group and GoodReads, the Wikipedia/Steampunk page (and Wikipedia Discussions), BrassGoggles (BrassGoggles Forum), the Etheremporium wiki,  the Steampunkodepia (with its long list of titles, and Dieselpunk Chronology), the SteampunkScholar, some links from (and other links), the Facebook Steampunk page, the magazine Steampunk Tales (and at Facebook), Steampunk Magazine (Links), SteamFashion.LiveJournal, YahooGroups/Steampunk, Steampunk-Links.Blogspot, Steampunkerie, SteampunkNews,, ‘A compendium of steampunk quotations’ from ExchangingFire.Wordpress, ‘Writing steampunk’ from Steamed!, ‘Reise : Kingdom falling’, Steampunk Scholar, Exhibition Hall (fanzine), SteampunkCanada, Steampunk Network UK.



Everyone has a go at defining steampunk, and I really don’t know enough about it to try myself, so here are a few links to some thoughtful articles on the topic:

Saved search of ‘Australian Steampunk Search Engine’ – What is steampunk?

Defining steampunk as an aesthetic / by ‘Gotthammer’, Steampunk Scholar Blog, 17.05.2010.

Steampunk : what it is, why I came to like it, and why I think it will stick around / by Cherie Priest, The Clockwork Century Blog, 08.08.2009.


Any links to add, especially Aussie related, are most welcome…

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