Case Study – The Unquiet Library : an example of developing Library 2.0 technology.

Modified Podcast Logo with My Headphones Photoshopped On / Colleen AF Venable (CCAttribution-ShareAlike2.0License) abletoven/3223086466

While looking for interesting library related videos online I came across The Unquiet Library.

Allot of the information for the Unquiet Library has been developed by Buffy Hamilton for the Creekview High School (Georgia, USA) Library Media Centre website, and some links to her websites are below.  The term ‘Media Centre’ hasn’t caught on in Australia yet, but it refers to a ‘Hybrid Library‘ which incorporates digital technology into the traditional library services
to allow for increased participation by service users to develop the sort of library users need – essentially, ‘Library 2.0’.

The online face of the Unquiet Library includes:

Is it all too much?  A look around these sites indicates that there is a reasonable useage of the services offered.  The Wikispaces page has regularly received over 300 hits to the homepage per month, and the flickr page is updated as late as today.
Buffy Hamilton of The Unquiet Library, was named one of Library Journal’s Movers and Shakers of 2011, and has some online locations:
Some Slideshares by Buffy Hamilton worth a look include:

And if you are wondering how Buffy Hamilton can keep all these balls in the air at once, see her Subject Guide ‘How to keep up with almost everything’ from Creekview High School.  This is a useful resource, worth sharing, as although library professionals are constantly being told to keep up with Library 2.0, finding an actual guide to do so is a God Send!


4 Responses to “Case Study – The Unquiet Library : an example of developing Library 2.0 technology.”

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for your incredibly gracious post—I am very humbled by your kind words! Just a quick update–the first website actually goes to a different school–you can find our website at – we went with this awhile back when we “retired” our wikispaces account. Our students and teachers love LibGuides!

    Again, thank you so very much—I am deeply honored by your post!

    • Buffy, Thanks for your comments. I have updated the post with the correct school – my apologies to Creekview Texas! And also added some other Unquiet Library sites I found.
      And LibGuides is an amazing resource – I added it to a list of Australian Internet Directories as many Aussie librarians have also added content.
      I think allot of librarians are a bit timid when it comes to using online communities for their libraries. Some of the online info many librarians create is often not very well patronised, possibly because they don’t keep things up to date, or they start things because they feel they have to rather than because it will assist with service provision, or they don’t ensure that what they are doing is what patrons want.
      Juggling the new and changing online environment is hard, but it is rewarding. It is really good to have a look at what you are doing as it is so extensive, and so successful.
      Thank you.


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