2011 Snapshot Days in the USA

Libraries across the USA undertake an annual ‘Snapshot’ Day, which allow library staff to document some activities on an ordinary day in the library.  A listing of the states and links to their sites is available from the American Library Association.  Below are some examples of videos put together so far this year.

The New York Library Association’s ‘SnapshotNY’ is conducted as part of a campaign supporting their libraries called ‘New York’s Libraries : Essential’.  There is a website, a facebook page, and I came across the campaign from the vimeo account, ‘protectnylibraries’ which also documents some of the ‘SnapshotNY’ videos.  Below, a patron of the library tells why he needs the library.

The Washington Library Association have a wiki for their Snapshot Day, which was in April.  Below is a video from the University of Washington Libraries.  (Also see the Facebook page for the ILS Library Snapshot Day)


The Massachusetts Library Association’s Snapshot Day was on 13th April, 2011.  In the video below, Westborough High School Librarian Anita Cellucci is interviewed by Casey Andrews before Library Snapshot Day, and afterwards they discuss what outcomes there were from the event.  In the video, some students undertake an impromptu event in the library.  (Also see this newspaper article from The Daily Westorough, 13th April, 2011, and this article from the [quite amazing!] Westorough school newspaper, The Lobby-Observer, 8th April, 2011).

The Illinois Library Association’s Snapshot Day was in April 2011.  Below are three videos.  First,  a video from the many libraries at the University Urbana Champaign.  Second, a video from the graduate students of the LIS course at Urbana Champaign who visited several Public Libraries on April 13.  Third, a video from the Oak Park and River Forest Library.



Finally, two things worth a look:

  1. The timelapse film from the Seekonk Intermediate School Library, and
  2. Connecticut’s Library Association have a blog for the Snapshot Day, and a useful document entitled ‘Organizing a statewide library snapshot day for Connecticut’.


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