National Simultaneous Storytime – some videos and ideas from 2011

The Australian Library and Information Association is holding the National Simultaneous Storytime Wednesday, at 11am, 23rd May, 2012.

This year’s book is The very cranky bear, by Nick Bland. Last years was Feathers for Phoebe, by Rod Clement.

Helpful blogs and discussions, as well as video of the NSS from years past, are available on the net, and following are some of the videos I found. Its interesting to see the different ways libraries presented the story depending on the audience they had – very small groups, were different to large groups; and older kids were shown the powerpoint, while younger kids were presented with a picture board which developed images from the story.


Staff at Mount Gambier Library taped their dramatic rendition of Feathers for Phoebe.


The Burnside Library had a very young audience, and a picture of Phoebe was developed on a board to emphasise what was happening and capture the kids attention. There was interaction with the kids while reading the book.


Mayor Logan K Howlett read Feathers for Phoebe at the Cockburn Libraries – Part 2 of the reading is also available.


The Bialik College Library used the ALIA powerpoint (which I think the kids were very captured by) of Feathers for Phoebe, and read the story from the book, finishing with a discussion of what the story was about, and a song.



Feathers for Phoebe presented in AUSLAN.

Feathers for Phoebe from ALIA, 23.05.2012

Finally, in 2011 the Wiggles featured in an advertisement from ALIA promoting reading.


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