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Adding search engines to Opera browsers

I wanted to add new search engines to Opera.  There are a few search engines I use besides Google (as a LIS student I know should not admit to using Google, but it’s sort of like trying to avoid speaking English in an English speaking world).  Deeperweb and Harvester42 are two search engines I can recommend – they are especially good if members of the library must use Google for everything, then let it at least be using something that enriches the search.

I thought adding search engines would be difficult, and I would have to find some sort of convoluted way of finding the search address to stick in the Opera search preferences.  I spent a while trying to do this, until I hit on the smart idea of clicking the ‘Help’ button…  The answer was just a click away all the time!  The Help page Searching in Opera, gives fairly straight forward advice on how to add search engines.  Basically, just go to a search engine you want, right click in the search bar, and follow the instructions.  I found that it will include all the search engines I tried, even Custom Search Engines like the Australian Library Associations and Journals Search, and Meta search engines like Dogpile.

I don’t know how many search engines you can add, but I am going to try and find out!



Aussie Librarian Blogs worth following

Some Australian Librarian and related blogs worth following.

ADHD Librarian by the ADHD Librarian (twitter/ADHD_librarian)


Better than cheesecake by Susanne Newton


Bronwyn’s Library Blog by Bronwyn Ritchie


Bright Ideas – School Libraries Association of Victoria


ConnectingLibrarian by Michelle MacLean


Derek’s ALIA Blog by Derek Whitehead


Explodedlibrarian by Morgan Wilson


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Steampunk Custom Search Engine and some links

Steam Locomotive (detail) / by Richard Taylor (CCAttribution2.0License) 34094515@N00/5944843770

An interesting article about the steampunk scene in Melbourne appeared a few weeks ago in The Sydney Morning Herald – ‘Time travellers‘, by Liza Power (17.06.2011).   The article looks at the Circus Oz show based around steampunk themes called ‘Steam Powered‘ (the Circus Oz Facebook page has more).  This made me think about looking around for some info on Steampunk and putting together a list of interesting links.


One article I found about steampunk in Australia worth a read is ‘Steampunk‘ by Katherine Wilson and appeared in vol69 of Meanjin in 2010, and another by Katherine can be found at The Age, ‘A new steam of conciousness’ (21.05.2010).  John Klima has two articles on Steampunk novels to read at Library Journal – ‘Steampunk : 20 core titles’ (30.03.2010), and a follow-up,  ‘Steampunk : 13 titles to update your collections’ (16.06.2011).  Library Journal regularly covers new fiction, including Steampunk.



I put allot of the links I found together into a CSE at Google, ( and I hope it helps people find more information

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Australian Library Associations and Journals Search

The University of Sydney

The Sydney Building, Canberra, ACT

I have been meaning to create for some time a search engine for Aussie Librarian websites…   The Australian Library Associations and Journals Search   (
 -) is the finished product, and maybe if I get time I will get another similar search using Yahoo in Rollyo up for consideration.  The site will be updated from time to time, with allot of information on the site about what is in it.  In the mean time, I hope it works.  Paul 22.08.2010

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