Library Custom Search Engines

Some library related Custom Search Engines can be found at the Trove lists Library StudiesDigitised newspaper search engines, archives, and media directories, on the net

Four CSEs made by me:

  1. Australian Library Associations and Journals Search
  2. Australian National, State and University Library Websites Search
  3. Australian Public Libraries Search
  4. Australian Newspapers Search

Libraries Interact – Australian library blog search
AuseSearch – searches open access repositories in Australia
Australia Universities – use limitors like inurl:library

Librarian’s E-Library – from the ALA
Library Professional Organizations
LISZEN – Library blog search
Libraries in the UK Search
Irish Publ Libraries Search
Online Libraries Search
Librarian’s Search Engine
Library Issues Search
LibraryOrganizations Search
Library Technology Search
Library Technicians Search
Top 500 World Universities – use limitors like inurl:library
Education India Search – use limitors like inurl:library or inurl:lib
The Invisible Web Search

This page will be updated from time to time.

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