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Aussie Librarian Blogs worth following

Some Australian Librarian and related blogs worth following.

ADHD Librarian by the ADHD Librarian (twitter/ADHD_librarian)


Better than cheesecake by Susanne Newton


Bronwyn’s Library Blog by Bronwyn Ritchie


Bright Ideas – School Libraries Association of Victoria


ConnectingLibrarian by Michelle MacLean


Derek’s ALIA Blog by Derek Whitehead


Explodedlibrarian by Morgan Wilson


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Library Disaster Recovery: 2009 Victorian bushfires

Bushfire / Michael Roper, 22.01.2005 (CCAttributionShareAlike2.0Licence) michaelroper/13786602/

The Australian state of Victoria suffered devastating bushfires in January and February 2009.  On 7th February, ‘Black Saturday’, 173 people were killed.

Below are some links which hopefully bring together some resources for a study on this disaster, how it effected library services, and how the services have been rebuilt.



ALIA – Disaster Recovery page, includes links to documents and websites relevant to the 2009 bushfires

Report : ALIA Disaster Recover Project / Jane Grace, ALIA & Yarra Plenty regional Library, July 2009,

An early Christmas gift to help rebuild with books / Sue McKerracher, INCITE Letters, pg 6, ALIA, December 2009,

Bushfire response / ALIA Schools Newsletter, ALIAnet, March/April 2009,

Rebuilding with books / Sue McKerracher (ALIA), Blue Shield, (from INSITE magazine, Museums Australia),

School Library Association of Victoria Blog –

Library industry unites for disaster recovery / Bookseller and Publisher, Thorpe-Bowker’s Australian Library News, Issue 362, February 2009,

ICT industry unites to provide bushfire victims with new PCs, services / Andrew Hendry, Australian Computer Society, 13.02.2009,

Blue Shield Australia

Looking for Blue Shield Australia? / Collections Council Australia –   –

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Australian Internet Directories

The Australian National Library, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

The National Library of Australia

Here is a basic list of good Australian Internet Directories.  Most are by Reference Librarians.  All up, these are some of the best places to start looking for internet sites in Australia.

LibGuides   AussieEducator     APHL     ANU     Charles Sturt     SLQ     SLT     SLWA     NTL     SLV     SLSA     Victoria University    Canterbury Library     Ryde Library     Sutherland Shire     HolmesGlen     Australia Govt.      Oz Guide      Blackstump     ANZWERS     AllMyFaves     WebWombat

A list is also available in a Trove list I created – ‘Internet Directories by Australian Librarians’.
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